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Our first event was shot in 2018 with a couple of teammates and from there it all begins. Within a few months, we grew rapidly into a big family and started feeding our lenses with all your best memories across India. Proudly serving at various cities spreading from Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi & Mumbai. We also have our fashion footprints across the globe ranging from the USA, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, & marching onward. We are a team of 35+ visual communicators inclusive of color compositors, creative head, qualified content producer, expertise admin, client relationship manager, etc. We are the team of highly skilled professionals remotely capturing moments round the clock to produce the best in class standards. Preparations & discussions will be undergone for each & every event/shoot to discover the most cinematic screenplay and the best of client experiences. We tackle complex challenges, work hard, high-five, and celebrate. Artistic visionary in every detail is our specialty. Photography is not just a memory or a captured moment for us, it’s a mission & vision of time travel. We strive to offer a fresh, honest, and dramatic perspective. Focus on the beauty, inside and out is the soul of our lens. We will never stick to the gears that we own as the field of art has no barrier to tremendous growth in technological advancement. We are very much honored to experience the technology of today to click your memory for most donning quality for years. Our productivity is one of the most promising gears that replace reality in a better way. Get ready for spontaneous applause, impromptu brainstorms, and the contagious excitement which we bring you each day.
We, the lensfeedy with a digital vision can be reached at +918056770337 or
Let’s catch up & sketch your grand day.


Muthu Krishnan

Muthu Krishnan


Lens Feedy Photography is a brainchild of Muthu Krishnan. As been from the nativity of most artistic Chettinad, he mastered the unique details in every accuracy. Ability is the only goal to success, so nothing is impossible when it's about to him. He saw most of the world through the lens whereas this globe is not that accessible for differently-abled people. More passionate about photography that showcased the world to him. The man who believes in hard work and trust in teamwork. He strives to learn anything related to arts which has no boundaries. Childhood days hardly thought him the way of art that grabs every eye as he inputs extremely to extract it. The only goal for him is to make the most accessible visibility of emotions that this world revolves on overall.

According to him, "Sea has no boundary and sky has no limit!".

Exploring people and experiencing the globe of technology is his greatest to be notified. He masters with hands-on experience in all the most advanced technology of today and seeking the best out of it to deliver the extraordinary in the field of visualization to meet the universal unique.

The most pronounced positivity in him is to "Try until succeeding and learn until you earn the ever earned out of it!" 

Vision & Mission is to produce the best ever at the most affordable price to accommodate the hardly competitive field of arts.

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